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shops, and many of them remaining still in existence.

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Hurley. — In Elizabeth, N. J., on Tuesday, April 15th,

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beds, where he was bathed, given tetanus antitoxin,

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breast was full of milk, and at stated times, causing the patient

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vestment, which will then still further delay the escape of the ovum

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Fig. 4. — Patient standing up straight for the first time in eleven

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great ; she spoke in a low, under-tone voice, and took repeated

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known to the members of the College, that it is always pre-

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previously had enjoyed good health, admitted 3rd of June

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three weeks after labor to determine the position of

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the underlying difficulties better than in any other

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tion in an individual showing a positive gonococcus

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bring such high prices are not mere apothecaries' shops; there

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We have indulged in the foregoing observations, which may

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and admitted by Hartsoekcr (who also claimed the discovery),

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ment, and the safety of the general health no longer endangered.

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mucous discharge, by heat and tenderness, and a tumid, painful,

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sistence in the use of this substance for so long a

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not a diagnosis that is satisfied to call a person free

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Monday, March 3d. — Brooklyn Hospital Club ; Clinical

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Iierhaps slightly less salvarsan but the same amount

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talis, for disease of the heart. She sufferred dreadfully at times

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of pet cocks so that one can keep the air turned off,

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erable number of patients, is that vaccine therapy in

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The second complication may be caused, either by a frac-

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1 found him in bad condition. His neck was rigid, he

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the general health, and that care be taken not to allow the action

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i venly expire, and again [jause , this breathing soon

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BoEH. — In Philadelphia, Pa., on Monday. February lOth.

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died with reference to the obliteration of the minute tubes.''—

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lar influences to those which give rise to the pain-

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of umbelliferous plants, which are ordered to be employed.

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In part, this consisted of examining into and super-

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Dr. Homer B. Brown, of Mifflin, Tenn., aged thirty-seven

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