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in Egypt. There were many points, to be sure, which told against this

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Our Leeds Correspondent ^vrites : In the Burmantofts district of Leeds

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over the seat of the haemorrhage. The pain was so great that

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this case whether the movement in question did not imply a

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was well to operate in the mi'ldle line, and i! an appendicitis

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the Rev. A. T. Pile, assisted by the Rev. Levison Loraine, vicar, Percy

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great cause also of the uremic phenomena. Much later on

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tells me that he watched other deputies, who he felt sure were

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that you also acknowledge this by rendering on your own

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conclusion of the Deans address the President (with the kind permission

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Mr. Alban Doran had frequently himself observed a con-

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actively engaged with him in the working of the Sanitary

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Metropolitan Counties Branch : North London District.— Tlie

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It is proposed by the Conseil G^n(5ral des Societ^s M^dicales

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with a resulting hemiplegia. In some of the cases of the so->

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especially throat illness, at Wellington College gave rise

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twenty clinical lectures on cages of more or less interest, and

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lations are readily induced on looking upwards ; especially

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with the focus of the infection does not therefore appear in

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ale, stout, porter, and cider, as well as all varieties of liqueurs,

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maculatum is not the plant usually called "fool's parsley."

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inuncting the outer surface, and especially the nore exposed

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for the proceedings of this meeting, it has been tliought de-

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bottle to the feet ; also on the value of vasodilator remedies,

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of this disease — which, as may be remembered, occurs in