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reaches the commencement of the venous cells in smaller quanti-

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system. It affects the skin, muscular fibres, and the membranes. II

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doses of tartar emetic appear to act almost as a sj)ecific in prevent-

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.similar section from series 67 would also demonstrate that all of

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Figure 1 was plotted from the data in this table relating to the earlier period of

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or fort3'-eiglit hours only, in a majority of cases. It disappears without

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sures which are to be preferred. The measures which ma3^ take the place

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ground for the suspicion, if not belief, that the paral3'sis is the effect of

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activity, to increase in a geometrical ratio. As is well known,

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placed in distilled water till they sank to the bottom of the container

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fuller and more complete than the one under notice.—

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gives to this remedy a decided preference over all others. Opium is

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standing wi.h the feet in apposition, close the eyes, he shortly reels, and

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a name denoting the union of the two affections, and the term typho-

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producing them, it is obvious that the immediate cause of these

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as already described. Moreover, he did not state the structiu'e

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the highest standard of practical surgery. He is I professional literature, and one of the first ripe fruits

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Of the pathology of hysteria in the severer forms just described, all that

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was driven off. But the readiest and most reliable test is the appearance

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prueban que el umbral de estimulaci6n es notablemente elevado.

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type we find a large mass of protoplasm around the nucleus. The

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comes superadded to the ataxia, portions of the cord connected with the

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to the opinion, that he either did not operate on those nerves,

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These points relating to -the urine render the diagnosis sufficiently' easy

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C Veneris llumani Varictulc Nativii and in Soemmering.

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of this, as compared with the other eruptive fevers. The febrile move-

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Tartar Emetic and Opium in the Delirium of Fever. (Note by

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apparently capable of undergoing a serious operation, M. Delpech

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My attention having been particularly directed to the physio-