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ganic disease. One constantly fears an impending attack of apoplexy, another

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Infected Hairs lose their U%ter, becosie brittle, and break off. leaving stumps.

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destroy its function; this fact is best illustrated by the well-known experi-

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that the total amount of meat eaten should be limited, and that so-called

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get a clear idea of this, the most essential point to bear in mind is that coor-

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course, temporary improvement, and new relapses are common. It would

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stant. Very often there are trismus and a distinctly audible grinding of the

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Medicine. — To be admitted to a " severe " examination in Medicine, the

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healthy side. This atrophy is possibly connected with vasomotor disturbances,

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and they wiU be attached for one year to such hospitals as the Surgeon-

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diligently the study of Clinical Medicine and Midwifery.

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proved the necessity of the division of lymphatic pseudo-leukaemia into at least

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simple sensations of contact may travel a number of ways.

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percental of the nutrltlentl regulreaents of the Arraed Forces-^adi day: protein, 13

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Sir, — I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of yonr letter, requesting

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tabes, mild cases of exophthalmic goiter, etc. — have been frequently mistaken

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0.5) are given daily in soda water; lysidin, 15 to 75 minims (1 to 5 c.c.)

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is sometimes quite impossible, or at best it can be made with a fair amount of

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New York — University of Pennsylvania — College of Physicians and

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that there is no suggestion in compression of the cord. The histological

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during the year immediately succeeding the Matricidation exami-

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Anatomy, Huxley's or Kirkes' " Physiology," Rutherford's " Outlines

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Clinical History. — Tuberculous meningitis almost always begins with a

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