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steady convalescence followed, the liver receding until it was only just
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Conception under Unusual Circumstances. {OlsJiauseii, Arch,
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the time was suffering from a cold. His disorder culminated
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a depression of the apex, extension of the cardiac dulness, intensifica-
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sion-sound is deadened, and during the act of percussion an increase of
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wanting; afterward the expectoration becomes more copious; and as
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pleural sac, from effusions in the pericardium, from aneurisms, curvature
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effusion, which we have described, are often suddenly and unexpectedly
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On transplantation this grew more readily on the same medium, but slowly on
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downward. 2. In the very rare instances in which, through enlarge-
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and toward its left border ; and, about 1^ cm. from the fre-
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are Mrs. Cornelius Dubois, First Directress; Mrs. T. C. Doremus, Second
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acute mental excitement, and other influences which excite the action
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is dilated when the mitral valve is insufficient, but does not dilate
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The liver measures 12 by 7 by 4 centimeters. Its consistence is firm, the
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said that lie " never felt any thing take such a hold of his
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of this atmosphere upon the liquid could be observed.
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in such numbers as are seen in the lesions described. Of course, sections
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the composition of the blood, that an irritant circulates in the latter
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continues, and when moist rdles still remain audible over the affected
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Should we find them jswollen, and spotted here and there with small,
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above the cyst, but none in other regions of the abdomen.
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death is no greater nor more puzzling in whooping-cough than it
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acute course from the outset admits of the most favorable prognosis.
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during the life of the patient. Dr. Oilman, in one hundred autopsies,
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dence of the primary disease, and need no particular treatment if uncom-
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medicine and that consequently the author has endeavored to reduce the
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most urgent symptoms. Where the pain is severe, we should order
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temperature at which the reaction is carried on may vary from 37° to
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disease, that any of the crew on the berth-deck were taken ill.
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vesicular walls become completely restored after expulsion of the exu-
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any court, in the same manner as other persons ; but the testi-
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often by exposure to irritants like the above, whose effect is so very
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public institutions, the results are more favorable in the former
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pear. The patient continued to take the capsules for a