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only evidence obtainable which was .significant was
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The Management of Twin Labors.— In the Scottish Medical and Surgical
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by cycling, though on this point there is some difference of opinion. Hemor-
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containing alveoli with very thin septa, and with cells resembling those
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of six years, in which medication was of no avail, but iu which a liberal
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mitting that the number of cases studied was not so
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scribins;' routine measures, without regard to mod-
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dren of some 3,000 families examined equal in every
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of the examination will be mailed to the attending physician on the following
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as for the effects of pilocarpine sweats. There was im-
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ceived by the patient. The secret of safe administration, then, lies in the
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The present study is in a measure a sequel of an investigation by Strauss and
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vicious emotions, that grow into habits that influ-
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using the proprietary preparations in this as in other
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tables of approximate proportions of ui'ea for clinical use. The distinc-
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pressed into the cavity of the ventricle so as to approach the form of a funnel.
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that part of the body which Lowell once called ''the
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the higher nerve-centres, then of the inferior. The nerves and muscles pre-
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factors : — a. Digestion, 4 ; b, emotional excitement,
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structures. The incision begins at the insertion of the tendo-Achillis and
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added 2 parts of boric acid to preserve it. This formula gives a thin
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little extra pressure being applied meanwhile as ex-
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the sac was irrigated three times a day with boro-salicylic solution. At
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if he will relax his perineal muscles and use steady,
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outside of the very deaf themselves, or of those who have to deal much
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of cases the diagnosis was confirmed by the serum-test on the first exami-
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when it is permanent, in cases like that referred to by Kuhn.
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whether subscribers or not. This prise will not be azvarded
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been one of the most active fields of work, and to-
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certain general characteristics of many adaptive pathological processes,
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ward) end of the flange slipped over it, and the air
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and fibroblasts occupying the papillary and subpapillary layers. The vessels in the lesion have narrowed lumina or are entirely
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within the domain of this paper to go into the treat-
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which acts better than ordinary water soluble eosin