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the ligature of an artery. use in ligaturing a vessel.
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hemorrhages, melaena, haematomesis, haemoptysis, bleedings from the gums,
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Hydrencephalus is a condition similar to encephalocele, but differs
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ditis are more obscure than those of any other cardiac disease. They are
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rated from the first sound by a short interval. In about one-third of all
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the disease in this country, and brought clearly before the profession its
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the murmur is synchronous with the first or second heart-sound ; pauses or
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Pleurisy is rarely absent in this variety of chronic phthisis ; firm adhesions
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a large opening secured. In case of old abscess it is advisable to scrape
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the patient being in a sitting posture, the line of flatness in liver enlarge-
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dislocations. Extension and counter-extension is made by the hands or
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tory act — if it is pleuritic the friction sound will cease during the arrest of
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lit lirst always in the walls of the capillaries and the small arteries.
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leaving no scar. Follicular ulcers on the inner side of the lips sometimes
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thirty-two years give 23 per cent, of deaths. Grisolle reports 59 per cent, of
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mucous membrane of the stomach, and is marked by acidity, nausea, and
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the elbow projects outward and backward; there is shortening of the
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cell is filled with albuminous granules, which give the api)earance as if
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defined the rational symptoms may be in acute pleurisy, its physical signs
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of the doctor's sympathy ; that he is soothed and strengthened by it,
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In aneurism of the descending arch, or thoracic aorta, the spinal extrem-
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may fail to give any signs until the second stage is reached. Absolute
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glands, which operates as an obstruction to the lymphatic circulation
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the arteries. These are the large stony kidneys of chronic heart dis-
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When the abscess opens internally, foul-smelling, purulent masses will be
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abscess of the appendix, in chronic appendicitis, ruptures in this same
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have the advantage that they will after a while become absorbed, but
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to the presence of blood. There are violent paroxysmal pains, which
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attempts at amputation. The tissue changes which lead to death in
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inspiration the difference will be but slight. The expansive motion in in-