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> See M. Foster's Physiolorjy . Art. Sub-maxlUai-y Oland. ^ Pfliiger's Archiv, Bd. 7.
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supply of fresh air. This attack lasted for several minutes, but
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eluaion that thef adult is not equally well protected by vaccination
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to many individuals of the membership, but it is of pecu-
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Up to the present time serum therapy has not been widely employed
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occurring in the cell in vivo, shows how unessential the form of the cell
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animal. In the controls large numbers of bacilli were found in the
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term t}'pho-malarial is a convenient one for the first class of observers, and
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The parenchyma or intimate structure of the lungs, is likewise
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The greatest diurnal variation was 19°, and the average was 12°.
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inasmuch as other remedies were employed at the same time. The
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origin at the heart to the great vessels springing from its arch, form-
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for some hours; decant and mix the solution with —
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filled with a yellow fluid ; a few running into each other. On the 6th
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parasite, that "occasionally such rings were found to have unfolded and to be
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symptoms are those of paresis, either with hemiplegia or paraplegia of the
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of Dr. C. are insufficient to lead him to any positive conclusion. Dr.
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largely whether or not improvement follows. We are now studying