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the Grace Hospital in various stages of the disease. Dr. Harvey s
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tion of the cornea in partial staphyloma of the cornea
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operated in September and according to his own show
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centers. We know not how close a similarity of action there
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The excess of still births among the coloured population he says is truly
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way. This circumstance indicated a degree of irritability of the stomach
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the cation with a force increasing with the valency of the ion and
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benefit with sulphate of zinc and who has wonderfully improved
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pulsation is occasionally omitted. This omission may be regular
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A considerable number of cases of actinomycosis of the lungs has been
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gastrectasia in Ewald s clinic with a view to ascer
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bolic acid is in general to be advised. It is not an ideal
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searches would certainly demonstrate it. They further show how
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Since writing the above I have been informed by Dr J. M.
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by chronicity with exacerbations and occasional comparative
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of thirty feet striking with his feet on some stones. He sus
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are very common and it is at this time of life that rickets
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Widal test were both positive on the day of admission. Tj hoid
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ten or fifteen minutes every hour should be given later
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the rash. None of the patients with whom we had success
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of mumps to parotiditis Trousseau looking upon the two con
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influences the course of the disease or produces any im
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iary tubercles extending usually only a short distance
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toe becoming black and dry and then another until nearly
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angina pectoris including pseudo angina. A careful study of all
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read a paper on this subject. It will be found in the May
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ogy between the endocardium and the intima of the bloodvessels. There