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tions collect in the sigmoid flexure and csecum. These tumors are often so
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is reapplied in three or four days and not again until recovery. Later
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tered to patients with peritonitis four grains of opium every two hours for
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manently enlarged, and other deformity may result. The diagnosis
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wound should be washed out with an antiseptic solution, either a 1 :1000
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The fluid contained in hydronephrotic cysts is generally altered urine.
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position of the hody. Those clots are formed during the last hours of life,
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lar sweats, and a steady increase in the size of the abdomen marks the pas-
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conditions of talipes varus. The peroneus longus and brevis may be
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the acid risings after meals, and the vomiting or regurgitation of acid
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of Typhoid Fever. deprcssious which give the gland a
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Morbid Anatomy. — Chronic parenchymatous nephritis may develop with
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result. Simple contusions cause a tingling sensation as of a pin pricking
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prevent it from dropping into the wound beyond reach. The rubber
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hot water, or a weak solution, one grain to four or six ounces of water,
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tions should be performed only where nature establishes a line
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in position. This same method may be used in amputation stumps.
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curred and fluctuation is distinctly felt, the abscess cavity should be
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Carcinoma is the most common variety of intestinal neoplasm. It is less
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of the oidium alUcans and of its frequent parasitic
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Inlarmillcnt pneumonia, which is by some described as a distinct typo,
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taken in the ligature of arteries. (See Ligature of Arteries.)
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udes from the cut surface. The yellow color is due to the cells that are
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chest (either general or local) occurs. The movements of the chest walls
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Sometimes, after it has been exposed for a length of time to decompos-
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of hemorrhage. The tongue, tonsils, and tlie salivary glands are enlarged