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fructified by seven planets, and performed their devotions seven times a day. Pytha-
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much in common, that they are all ambulant cases and were,
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thighs are not bowed, and there is a slight knock-knee.
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emphasized recently by White in his classification of heart
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disturbance of which she complains is a loss of sensation of the
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words or acts, bad government of the children, spendthrift habits, disappointments
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the aorta is less frequent than is generally assumed. General-
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liquid is then to be placed on a microscopic slide, and a minute drop of
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Coughing is often the effect of a cold upon the lungs, but not always arises from
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Vasculitis (vas-ku-li'tis). Inflammation of a vessel.
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are dependent on so many complicated factors that it does
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a " shall/' and he expresses his surprise that the certificate of
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that if to a Parisian the temperature of Pau has only the advantage
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loved friend, many an invalid would have surely died.
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the marriage covenant, and makes of the household altar a temple for sacrifices to
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abound ; of the cesophagus, cardiac end of the stomach, and
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tries the milk of the cow or the goat has been and now is the chief support of the
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treatise he has published on the former disease, he has shown that
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frequent and direct intercommunication with the northern half of
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larity, usually constipation, with, perhaps, frequent desire to
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an article of diet, must have been wicked and wrung on their part, because injurious
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escape the degradation (as most certainly allotted it in the pre-
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the whole of Thessaly had enjoyed perfect health until the end of
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by the propagation, say, of a meningitis to the neurilemma of