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of Medicine from the Medical School of the University.

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" II. In toxic doses, caffeine exaggerates the vaso-motor power

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of the practitioners of this school of medicine in that

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very best condition for spontaneous healing. Dressing but

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tenacious, saltish mucus ; sudden hoarseness, with aphonia,

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same : contusions, indentations or lateral perforations, central

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jority. His mind was vigorous, active, and strong His

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1916 "The X-Ray Treatment of Uterine Myomata" — Medical Record.

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1 Reprinted from the Monthly Homoeopathic Review, August, 1885.

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The air which patients are made to breathe, having been already-

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entered Racine College, from which he received the degree of B.A.

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portion of iron in the newborn animal is decidedly large, but it diminishes

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Tail, whose fame as a surgical specialist is known all over

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by graduating with honor in the class of 1886 at the New York Uni-

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the neuralgia, like the gasping of expiring life, asserted itself at

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either from morning till noon, or noon till evening, — but it is

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The frequency of traumatisms of the kidney has not been

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Ferguson values very highly. He was Registrar and Treas-

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lirious, restless, and shrieking. Through the day he was more

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attribute this to the laxative taken the day before or to other

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