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and clear the ducts without opening the shrunken gall bladder,

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third case, where no reniform bodies were seen, so he and Dr.

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always so. Passing over the difficulties of diagnosis intro-

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rising above the small -pox question in their desire to secure

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be possible We have arrived at this conclusion quite independently

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variable. She had contracted syphilis, and probably gonor-

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sented by the Education Committee having reference to the

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in after disinfection ot the surface, or should it be fixed in

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Dr. Louis WicEiiAM, Chef de Service, Hopital St. Louis, Paris, writes :

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fully and soahlv that everyone interested in the phenomena of

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obtained at the small charge of '>3. per annum, payable in

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J. Matheson, M .\., Plockton : C. J. Milne, Aberdeen ; R Mitchell,

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ment of the Local Government Board since 1878, which had

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relief, but no specific action can be claimed for any of them.

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university administration and examination, and the griev-

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wards. Mr. Bartlett," of Birmingham, operated upon a case of

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the horny layer of the epidermis, the hypertrophy of the

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tary reform drawn up by Dr. Felix, with the help of his col-

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the matter, which is : (I) The sugar only disappears from the

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ments reproduced from Nature which prove the undoubted

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to tread down the weaker, with social progress, the influence-

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character of the tumour and the in-folded appearance

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Rev. David Ellison, rector of All Saints, Manchester, assisted by the

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Post-Graduate course has taken firm root as part of the

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professorship of surgery in the school from ill health. This

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childbirth, to abortion, or to some affection of the generative

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conclusion to which the deputation pointed. On the whole,

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St. Thomas's. Jlours of ,4(<endancf,— Medical and Surgical, dailv. exe.

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