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traction came on and my hand was expelled. My patient although
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relief was very quick in one night and in ten days the
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India rubber from the component parts of his varnish. In
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to the spectrum colors. After watching for hours through an
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of bovine tuberculosis is infective to the human being as for example
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observe that the bony substance has largely disappeared and has
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identical neurosis affecting the anterior ends of the inferior
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from severe quinsy of the left side. After third day pus had formed
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Having at hand no speculum small enough it seemed possi
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great drowsiness with a tendency to stupor and coma and the appearance
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ideas incompatible with the then accepted theories
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fatty vegetable and farinaceous food must replace them. Meat
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tor in the elevation ol all forms of life is survival of
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is coated white and the taste is depraved. Sometimes the tongue is
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developed under our eyes pericarditis is certainly more probable than
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the feasibility of the operation and of originating a course
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disease and require no remedy but if they occur more early
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Sometimes the final catastrophe is preceded for a period of minutes or
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