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difficulty of determining with accuracy its precise depth in any one sec

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especially in cases of hernia. It is also noted in these reports that

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abdomen in pregnancy may cause not only a functional

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ity of resection of the ankle joint on account of caries.

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liver spleen kidneys testicles and brain and an inflammatory form

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any other evidences of general or local peritonitis

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neuralgia be the prayer of the nerve for healthy blood that prayer

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tial opening of the intestine where necessary and for other

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is encouraged and the conservation of the fertility of the soil is

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thia method of examining the eye i of acbool children. I have

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with the right ear than with the left although the former is at

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two heads. And furthermore says our reviewer His allu

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of this region the hooks are moved. They are further characterised

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potassium may be used with benefit. Fever may be treated with anti

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Capitis Muscle Spasm of the Rhomboid Muscle Spasm of the Levator

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in an approximately similar manner. In order to obtain further infor

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ples were fairly well developed the voice is feminine

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be considered together. The healthy man does not require alcohol

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rapid defervescence occurred and recovery. The child died in

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in many cases be able to pronounce merely from the odour of the

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blood gives a positive clue to the diagnosis. In the tetanic meningeal

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have occasionally been known to give rise to infective endocarditis. As

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activity of the peripheral heart is increased while the central

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current should afi ord a current strength of from to amperes.

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for an apothecary who was in the habit of practising surgery

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Taking the Blood. The uninjected ear was carefully shaved and

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Commentary. I have given this case very shortly because only

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true condition. I have personal knowledge of two cases of

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the under surface of the liver causing some stenosis. He released some of

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solution so that an ordinary hypodermic syringe will hold

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downward and over the left side of the erin eum. There was

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sordes the patient is unable to distinguish between bitter and sweet and

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crease in the size of some muscles as the characteristic

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tion the highly complex molecule of a chemical compound is

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