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duodenal ulcer. If we observe that the stomach contents are
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ration, improvement in the bone and soft tissue deformities are
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was given subcutaneously at one time because when taken by mouth
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involved about five times more frequently than the lungs.
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divisions, but was not coated either with mucus or pus.
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congestion, to the most malignant cases, in which the vital forces are com-
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during which time the opalescence first described extends into
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tages which a hospital affords for the multiplied accumulation of
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celebrex 200 mg side effects
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the epididymis, a mass of vessels extending- as far as the place of the last com-
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an i-ray examination. This showed a circular shadow in the posterior portion
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no signs of fracture. A few leeches, cold lotion, &c. &c. were had recourse to,
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nearly one third of its surface is under water, the mercury seldom rises above
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been noticed for six or eight months and recognized as large spleen three
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He concludes with the remark, that he has never seen a stone ad-
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perfect precision, and if required to adapt itself to changes of posi-
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killed with ether and heart excised and perfused. Perfusion began at 4 p.m.,
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days, the paroxysms are usually very severe, and followed by a protracted
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venience being now considerable, he wished it, if possible, to be relieved.
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The amaurosis from nervous colic is best treated with the purgatives, accord-
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piring. A puncture made into the upper and left portion of the tumour, and a
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all the troops whose statistics have been investigated; for example —
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tient's system is fully protected, when we are ignorant of the facts connected
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the intestine. It later passes out through the rectum. The thread
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To the objection that a child may breathe when but half born, and
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not face such objects. The conscious and the unconscious formed
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narrowing of the subcostal angle and cyanosis is absent, then some
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upon the extent of the disease, and the dominion it obtains over the
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Papers intended for publication, should be pvni.free of expense, as early
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during the first period was absorbed by the blood stream from the
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neurosis in the temporal fossae, and the pericranium was entirely gone. The
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attacks of hematuria. Toward the latter part of the disease no erythrocytes
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in strong infusion, in doses of a spoonful every two hours. After symptoms of
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by frequently exposing the ioduret to the air, that its properties, and conse-
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The poison is probably liberated through the agency of an intracellular
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vital power in a comparatively weak and imperfect degree. To give you an ex-
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of a fortnight from his admission; at that date, a swelling and tenderness of both
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decrease in globulin. In the next three months he received 2.5 grams
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the biliary fistulas of dogs this was the only organ in which bile
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and the tack was forgotten. In January, 1911, he hegan to cough, espe-