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supply of these ligaments will necessarily interfere with their integrity.
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marked symptoms are developed ; but if a considerable extravasation takes
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attended by considerable nervous shock and followed by septic fever.
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be obtained, by grasping the head of the bone and pronating and supi-
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perfect immunity to ourselves, we may readily carry the organisms on
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tion •' is usually absent ; and though it may be heard at the end of a full
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depopulated — that is, in a tenement-house in which the fever has made
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Unless a surgeon has a number of assistants, the needle holder may
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running at the nose. There may be flatulent distention of the abdomen.
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way there through the open mouths of lymphatics or veins.
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the physical evidences of pyopneumothorax and sub-acute pleurisy.
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P<tf/)((/io/i shows slight resistance at or below the epigastrium, the walls
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portse, which are distributed on the under surface of the diaphragm, and
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methods mentioned before, but on the other hand, a valvular incision
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finally the entire wall of the intestine is fused into a homogeneous mass.
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their calibre is diminished, and they may be obliterated, 'i'he stroma is
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fection. Second attacks are exceedingly rare. The exact time in the
attacks children in a certain locality, whether they have or have not had
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prolongations. These columnar-like masses and cell nests are sur-
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The fatly chanqe is seen in varying degrees J _, "^ , ,101 »
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cause of this troublesome affection is pressure on a nerve by contrac-
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,4 dissertation on the murces of malignant, bilious, or ydlow fever, and means of preventing it. Dr. W,
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exist before causing death varies with its seat and its character ; a weak child
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attended by a cervical lesion, which is indirectly responsible for the
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the position of the patient ; this never varies in cancer.
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atrophy. In extensive atrophy attended by fatty degeneration, and in
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should be cut straight across and the corners allowed to grow out.
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ary to changes at the aortic orifice produced either by an extension of endo-
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Prognosis. — The tendency of this affection is to speedily destroy life, but
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and the extensor propins hallucis. The nerve generally lies on the
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bend forward, and hold his sides. At first, there is little if any expectora-
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scess of the appendix, it is fatal. Cases arising from puerperal
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renal obstruction alone is responsible for the hypertrophy is now aban-
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ished prominence of the alveolar walls, followed, later, by their rupture and
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maintain that its daih' use does harm. The question, therefore, arises.
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theritic infection. In a few rare instances diphtheritic nephritis has been
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be taken freely to keep the faeces semi-fluid, without at any time causing
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