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tween the nasal flora and the organisms isolated from deep tissue
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flicted by it, or for the removal of whatever other disorganizing condition
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a wound in the leg of a rabbit, is said to have caused the death of tbe
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Influence of opium, one of the most striking phenomena is the relative
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Cubebi, Matieo, Pimento, Cardamom, Fennel veed, dtrawny^ Coriandrr, Anitet Star
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grains. Associated with aloes, it forms the Powder of Aloes and Ca-
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and rest after their labours. Every organ of the body re-
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man, by feeding him with rogue's allowance and fare, which
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mpleasant taste. In this country, it is the form generally preferred for
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slight delirium, which will often yield to a full dose of opium, with an
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ounce, in divided doses, very frequently repeated, in the twenty-four '
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observable in depression or uneasiness from nervous disorder than in
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very nearly in proportion to the dose, a^s shown by the experiments of]
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Another valuable therapeutic agency of ether by inhalation is the
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one mtnitn is about equal to two drops. The mistake has often been
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is inflammable. Water and alcohol dissolve it partially^ diluted alcohol
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food, and the aid of stimulating spices and peppers — for ex-
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Another rariety of camphor, denominated Borneo, or Sumaira. or
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There ai*e few animal foods eaten raw. We may except
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operation is directly upon the mucous surface of the alimentary canal ;
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