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blood efiusions in the interlobular connective tissue of the lungs.

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ventricle is the seat of the effusion, there need be no paralysis

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head and neck, and warmth to the feet, and antiphlogistic diet was ordered. He

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group of contractile fibrillse enclosed in one and the same enve-

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chronic state of paraplegia — paralysis or weakness of both

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proper cases; hut what these are, the present slate of our Jcnoivkdge does not permit

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cause of pyaemia. Dr. Flint especially insists upon the vague-

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in the evening at the shop. The druggist was doing duty as one.of the National

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still larger proportion. Still, even if they were met with m all

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or both ends, giving a spindle shape. With these cells were a few

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sands upon thousands of returning pilgrims were disembarked, and

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laid an egc; after twenty-four hours, and the solution pressed out from

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a.m., it was as low, or lower, on thirteen occasions. With

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teacher was accustomed to teaching that "bad air" was

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which complete paraplegia accompanied inflammation of the liver, in some

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In tbe first ten months of the year 1864^ the wind blew from

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never for the fat man. Fresh air is universally con-

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emplified in the present case. M. P.'s first memoir on the same subject as the

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seasons that the difference between the mean temperature of winter and summer

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was mucn more decidedly affected than the other. For, excluding

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Tyler Smith of a patient who, whilst single, had been healthy, who

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except an undue rigidity in movements of the part of

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thinks, however, that they may in rare instances have super-

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of the heart ; and Dr. Tuckwell shows that Dr. Kirkes had been the

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3. Keys, A.: Cholesterol, “Giant Molecules,” and

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his tongue during sleep so severely that he can scarcely swallow a drink of

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point he speaks with the authority derived from experience :

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gin and last for only a short time. Then relaxation

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ratively free from organic remains, and a surface which allows no stagnant

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portion from which a copious discharge of pus issues; says he has no recol-