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This was an instance of tubal nephritis, of a subacute type, but in-
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ments. There was no change in the proportion of urea.
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of disease with bolder and more certain steps, with greater assurance of
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animals suffering from the disease fails to demonstrate the existence of
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Professor Lister wrote : "There seem to be practically two alter-
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mucilaginous vehicle, formed a prominent, and, 1 think, signally useful
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I believe that on this question of the pathology of spavin, as, for
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mare began to show symptoms of distress. The anus became relaxed,
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paroxysms," which, through the medium of the sympathetic, provoke
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Aronsohn's memoir appeared in 1893. He states that Eberlein,
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It is now, I believe, universally considered that scarlatina is abso-
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must have been long known, and that such emanations are of a solid
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from food offered to her, and lay groaning and moaning ; being
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astringent, and thus the uric acid is no longer converted by them into
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_growth, which had destroyed the mucous membrane and turbinated
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Such were not the clinical or anatomical features of the disease in
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Panama, where I remained twelve months more, 1 was there much afflicted with
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occupied by a collection of pus, which had also made its way into the
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tous. The heart was displaced, being drawn upwards. On opening the
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lay stress on the fact that grave lesions almost always exist in several
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and base of the lungs were collapsed, probably in consequence of the
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after death from a patient 83 years of age. It was apparently a speci-
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On the 1st January, 1895, this tumour was removed by a veterinary
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nous faisons un appel i tous les cceurs Kran<;ais. De grace, donnez-
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closer examination of the patches, especially of their circumference,
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fined to the use of medicinal remedies to promote absorption and im-
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days, 2,600 guns are to be in position. We are looking every moment