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dt Louis XIV. printed at P^m in 1714, p. 174, etfeq, and alfo

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it is before us in full, and publish the summary merely that our

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ter this it will be advifeable to fatten and fell him,

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cent, of cases of ulcer pass into cancer. It might be more correctly stated that

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become a cause of dysentery. Ogata describes a minute bacillus in the

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muscular coat of the descending colon may be met with, such as has been

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many mild cases the excretion during the night is very small, or the night

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result of fever. The symptoms present when tubercle affects the urinary

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frequently cease suddenly for a week or so, without any obvious change

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vanilh intirely, the creature dies ; if, on the con-

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Pathology. — The pathology of ulcer of the stomach and duodenum

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chief predisposing causes. In some of the cases there has been a

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seizure affects either the heart or brain, it may be desirable to reinduce

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The Wellli llieep are the fmallefl of, all and their wool

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Bieter and Kirschf elder : Am. J. Phys., 68:326, 1924.

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time of life, and strangulation bv Meckel's diverticulum is not uncommon

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membrane of the gall bladder, and it is commonly free from bile, for this

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determine in what precise sense can alcohol be described as a food

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With resorcin, 0.2 i^er cent., in paraffin (0.2 per cent, in jiara-

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greater part dull on percussion ; no signs of fluctuation can be obtained,,

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hydrate. When carbohydrate is used in the isolated muscle lactic acid

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or complete prevention of peristalsis, partly from the fixation of the bowel

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jilishiug two other objects referred t<i by the atithor. i.e.. mini-

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but that mares will admit of copulation after they are

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little and little, whilll another perfon, holding a

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jecting novocain and adrenalin into the orbicularis inuscle. The needle

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purpura, haemorrhagica and Banti's disease, where splenectomy produces

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many of the complex adult organs, such as the brain or heart.

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filter. The filtrate contains the toxin and its action can be

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ed an incifion be made lengthways, with a knife, on

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hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. Cases have been reported, and we also

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The establishment of the Donald Church Balfour F^oundation for annual

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were 147 scars found on post-mortem, a proportion of 13 to 12. The scar,

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meningeal irritation, it is essential that lumbar puncture should be

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