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brane, others locate it in most instances in the sub-mucous cellular
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ments offered to the flow of urine or to the passage of instruments
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the duration of the infection. diagnostician (especially if he is not famil-
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possibly one exception, no trace of blood vessels has been
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the prevention of other parasites. Judicious fall and winter
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sloughed, and there was gangrene of the large intestines. The tumbler
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suffer from the poison, become congested, and hence the anasarca.
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pressed, by the means of adhesive straps, so as to bring the walls
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the bone was not implicated. It had the peculiar elastic feel of
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Largest Manufactory of Artificial Legs in the World.
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There is also interesting evidence as to the action upon the
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Sec. 6. No paper shall be received by or affiliation with the vState Society, or those
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then less frequently. In addition to suitable posture (semi-erect),
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Aug. 13. Has spent a quiet night ; but about 8 o'clock a. m.,
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and quickly attained, and with least loss of time to the patient
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consummate sexual union. No defect, as to formation or size of the De-
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[Owing to the great pressure of original papers, the Editor is
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reflex irradiation excited by a morbid impression starting from
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it is more often confined to one side, and is seldom so marked.
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extreme amount of emphysema. The lobules were separated
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We have already had occasion, in reviewing M. Eajole's work
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We are gratified to see our distinguished countryman, Prof,
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water thrown on the part before the renewal (sparks), massage, and the free use of
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enable him to stand out against the numer- g'^« ^''^ ^""^ 'j^^- ^ut I have often seen a
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but, even in its mildest forms, it is always a source of much
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g-elatinous elevations and covered with a turbid and orange
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for ten days prior to the operation. About present condition. I will, therefore, not
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the pulse varying from 95 to 135 beats per minute. All the symp-
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To-day (31st) has been pretty liberally plied with porter and beef
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calming and soothing effect for three days and nights. Since
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The action of these alkaline salts, then, appears to be to faci-
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Notes on the Epidemic Fever of 1854. By P. M. Kollock, M. D.,
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was found to have croup, or something similar, for which I was
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mixtures, blue powders, and alterative doses of calomel. Dr.
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patient obtain that relaxed condiHn 1 V ^' '^'' '''"' '' '''^^'^ '' '""^^ '^^' ^""l"*
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rule they retained it perfectly," and "they a dog of S pounds; daily doses of 20 grains
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The Seventy-ninth Aonual Session will bepin September 24th, 1903, and continue eight
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it should be intravenously injected; but in less urgent cases VNGU^NTVM CKEDB
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serous infiltration of the submucous, subcutis, and inter-