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Bowes* case {loc, cit. No. 8) has resulted in considerable confusion.
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5. The serum drawn from a rabbit during the periods in which
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Farmers* Bulletin 261. The Cattle Tick in Its Relation to Southern Agriculture.
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Regulation 62. — No person, firm, or corporation shall receive for transportation or
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in Kentucky — one an inbred Mambrino King mare, and the other by
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The first inspection under these regulations was in New York City
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It is here shown that the virulence of the culture was so affected by
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Done at Washington this twenty-fifth day of January, 1006.
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to COWS of average size. The depression of 1 inch in the front part
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serve to illustrate the work done in this line during the year 1906.
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must be wholly made from the meat of that species. If any flour or other cereal is used,
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should be carried out as if the diagnosis of venous
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meat inspection in the modem sense of the term. The meat is not
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the State Division of Health and representatives of the
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the lower edge of the molar teeth. A thickening of the lower jaw-
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about 20 cows. A is the drip board; i?, 5, wash trays; C, water
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tion, psychiatric investigation, including amytal inter-
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and two establishments which have city inspection only. In all of the rooms in which
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on the ground that they were so affected. When the slaughtered
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A thick throatlatch and short, thick neck indicate a horse which will
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ing off in this branch was more than offset by the great gains in the
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lyzing pancreas. Ground fresh pancreas is mixed with twice its weight
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the pelvis and extends to within about two finger-breadths of the umbilicus.
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Regulation 29. — On each primal part, or organ, or the container thereof, which has been
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gether with a financial statement and suggested budget
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species of a number of cultures of tubercle bacilli which, while show-
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Write Parke, Davis & Company, Detroit 32, Mich.
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both with the strong and weak beats. Tfte ventricular sounds at the apex
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XII. A Case of Pulmonary Moniliasis in the United States. T. R.
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of Pancreatic Disease, J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis, 101:566-571
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