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advantage of frequent consultation with Prof. J. Playfair McMurrich.
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them in thirty seconds, and 1 in 100 in one minute. On the other hand,,
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benefit even in advanced cases, but a voyage can never be advised to such
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nized method of treatment of "septic" abscesses, that is, they should be
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urine of a diabetic dog from sugar and also lower the amount of sugar in the blood
Bright's Disease is a diffuse process in the kidneys involving, in
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usually flattened in shape, and becoming caseous. Adhesions may stretch
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by examination of the urine. A routine examination of the urine is always
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slight chronic peritonitis, the oedema of the feet, the nervous symptoms,
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judgment and experiment. It is always wise, when dealing with preparations o
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countries, we fhall find *, that the Grecian horfes,
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legs are still more or less soft and the ligaments of the joints weak. Such
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Phosphorus is known to exercise a stimulating influence upon the
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fly with an incredible velocity, leaping like hinds
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joints. In the joint affections of rheumatoid arthritis there is no obvious-
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gangrene. Griinfeld fed animals with the acid, and he found in cocks
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fuffered to drink that day. This fhould be continu-
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plained of attacks of "hyperacidity" as well. In these cases the
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and during the first few days it is impossible to foresee whether the
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nerve fibres of deglutition are the palatine branches of the fifth cranial
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The child's thirst is distressing, and it cannot be appeased, owing to the
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affected than the other. Bilateral distribution of the paralysis is charac- '.
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An important question is whether the exudation in the alveoli differs
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cool diluting diet ; to which end we find an ounce of
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Jaundice is rarely deep. It is commoner when the liver is large
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King (re-elected) : Secretary, Dr. George Elliott (re-elected I ;
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abundant. Bands may be found and divided, even old and complicated
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in order to determine the group of any one individual it is not necessary
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explaining the fenfe of thofe terms, defining the fe-
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By functional disorder of the stomach is meant the condition of in-
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pain and of vomiting, with usually a large aniomit of flatulence and a