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Bkraud Surgeon and Professor to the Maternity Hospital of Paris etc. etc.

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of the strange consequences of the disease consequences which had been re

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portions of the occipital bone at the superior curved

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odor and consistency of any discharge. It may be a limpid or

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of superintendent has not been an easy one to fill. Expertness in her

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infirmary. A petition was also laid before the Assembly of the

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cases of tuberculosis in all stages were the fever

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object of the paper may be briefly embodied in the two

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vestigators and teachers should find there stimulus and

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of such toxins and after a variable length of time bred

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product Taurine and all such pure tonics as have been submitted to

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defects existed besides the hyperopia to the extent shown

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traumatic lesion of the pyramids and sometimes even the

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There are over one hundred different kinds of lactic acid

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improvement in the pulmonary function suggesting that

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water mark for deaths from influenza and pneumonia among troops

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that it occurs chiefly if not solely in those already strongly predis

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in scruple doses for a week when all medicines were discontinued.

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with a typicall haggard expression apparently unable to

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Richmond Hospital having been found in the street lying

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generously adds Coulter will do it as cheap as any one

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twisted and a drivelling of saliva takes place from

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the heart in spite of rest and care never recovered sufficient power to

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from semilunar line outward at level of umbilicus. No evidences of peritonitis

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small pneumonic patches in the neighbourhood of the tubercles in

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who are more convinced than ever by their experience

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spasmodic rapid in action and very effective in sleeplessness. It is sujjplied

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acini. The author remarks on the lack of destruction of the islands

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ers of the system often prove competent to overcome cases of partial

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patient such as the non indulgence in beer white wine etc. He

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early puncture of each bulla with a small needle is recommended

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noire of this latter mode viz. the remodelling of splints and the

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cellular substance which lines that coat j the internal coat was

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healing of the flap seems to be complete. From the results of this