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or 4 days. Sometimes cases in the first or second stage also suffer from fatigue.

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Under these circumstances the committee have deemed it advisa-

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ferred. It was noted that all strains grew luxuriantly under the con-

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It to an arrest of development, indicated by the incomplete ossifi-

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and the respiratory muscles are not involved ; or if the disease has occurred

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Morbid Anatomy. — The site, extent and limitation of non-inflammatory

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Fig. 4. Pneumococci, immune dog serum, and guinea pig leukocytes. The

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organs of normal dogs. On the other hand, none of this occurs in

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Throat* — Palate and velum healthy ; fauces and glottis covered

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+ Maintain attributionTht GoogXt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find

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but as possessing the power of exciting perspiration. An addi-

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not being adherent to the aponeurosis, errors occurred in the meas-

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child at intervals of twenty minutes, until emesis was produced,

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In order to ascertain the fate of fresh virulent spirochetes injected

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treated with immune serum has been explained as being possibly attributable to

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strain, was filtered through a Berkefeld filter and the filtrate found to be sterile.

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the place of honor on the program above those referred

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ready to enter into an unseemly competition with one

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0.2 cc. of serum. 51 days later intravenous injections of 0.38 cc. of

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importance until I studied it recently. Great was my pleasure to

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bon dioxide in a normal decerebrate dog, Dec. 15, 1915.

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stages relieve the pain in the Joints, they do not shorten the duration of

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" Invaginate the right forefinger in the scrotum and

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nine cases of varioloid following re-vaccination : two after an inter-*

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septic precautions, t)nly one death occuired from sejiti-

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lateral side of left lung at intercostal space; normal precardial dullness; no ten-

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sault, Peryriihe, Le Roux, Blair, Hamilton, and others, who have

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the Report of the Committee on Ethics. Which, in conformity with

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form direction and tingling and numbness are absent.*