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tality was, under old-school treatment 50 per cent, and under
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interest in the subject, however, has not been confined
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Anatomy at Niagara University, for four years Assistant Surgeon to
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board of health. His military service is comprised of four years
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and young people only were subject to it, with the exception of
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near for his successful treatment of "fits." So dear to his heart
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directly to Devonshire, England^lhe beauty of whose
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that our contemporary "The Times" will not let slip the golden
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ing new in the way of argument. He follows so closely, indeed,
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by that company. In each case Murdock's Liquid Food was ad-
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centres, goes about unharmed, with tJie same amount of malaria
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retained in position. The cervical flexion remains to be overcome
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more rarely serious results lrom its use in obstetrics, forbid its habitual use. The use
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one-third. These overturnings occur more frequently with
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chloride of zinc, iodine by instillation, or by simple applica-
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but a deceptive point of view in reference to their gravity.
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normal action of the organism when it exists, and to recover it
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The present campaign opens up to neurologists, as well
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other than from her mother, at the Twelfth Street Public
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On the 30th of September, 1880, a wretchedly delicate scrofu-
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New Jersey, after which he entered Williams College, and grad-
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hand, Las diminished : from 25 grammes (386 grains) to
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the safest and surest road to that accuracy of knowledge which
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cal science, Dr. Bulkley represents the scholarly type of physician
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