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included sueli well known members of the medical profession

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g)vernors and electing in all five of their own class; and

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The Civil Medical Department of Ceylon has recently lost bydeath one of

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the respiration 41, and the temperature lii2 4° : in the evening

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numbers Registration Bill.— Tliis Bill was read a second time.

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administration of this district. The Council is now moved

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collapse. The abdomen was filled with tlie saline solution ;

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into at least three broad lines of thought. He compared t)io

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ascitic fluid escaping during the operation. In October, 1892,

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without any proteid ; in the middle of the series are what are

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It will be generally admitted that flaws or omissions in

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vessels of certain, specified diseases, with a view to securing due isolation

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rhoea ; but at the I'oxtm'irtem examination it was neatly

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leptic fits in persons between 50 and 60 years of age, without

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manner provided in the rules made for the treatment of prisoners con-

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authorities as a breach of discipline, and on Mr. Briggs declining to

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boors ; it was concentrated, deposited urates on cooling,

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Devon and Exeter Hospital, appointed Pliy:)iciaa to the Exeter Dis-

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Leitfadon der Hygiene des Auges. Von Dr. Perlia. Hamburg und Lelp-

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had taken one thyroid lobe twice a week without any im-

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altered degenerated cells, and in some cases red blood cor-

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the skin. It is a pale yellow powder, consisting of dermatol

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intestine. On the other hand, if the obstruction had only

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spread in the workhouse, where small-pox isolation is carried on, and a

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vibrio of Finkler, of proteus, of bacillus coli, of bacillus pro-

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and loss of weight. He has recently liad eczema. His tongue is very

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during delirium, to poison liimself. We are not con-

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Mr. De Hyde-Wytt to obtain and lay before the Senate

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charge from ear, wiLh fever, fietfii'uess, loss of appetite, and some d'ar-