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rush into the practice of medicine like gold bugs to the
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their ears cannot hear that their throat is sealed up. Dr. Clouston
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these hospitals furnish comparative statistics of treatment without and
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be charged with causing a large amount of disease that does not
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ioned red pepj gt er gargle composed of capsicum common salt vinegar
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The Treatment of Erysipelas with Applications of Vase
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animals which had died from splenic fever. These researches were
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must be kept thoroughly clean for this purpose after use a stream
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Randolph found the eyes more or less aflected in nearly all cases.
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ings against over or too prolonged dosing with it. It is probable
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so desire it obtain medical aid at his own price and be independent
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assign an etiology. The relative frequency of these as
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advantage in many cases of making the patient sick.
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now be disposed to agree with the late Dr. Hughes who says only
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some cases after repeated puncture the ascites did not return. In one
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boiled indeed this precaution is a wise one under nearly
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