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and thence into the lungs, is represented in the following outline engraving.

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spontaneously, depending upon some special but inexplicable apti-

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is bad, or fanciful, often requiring substances not alimentary. Tho mind is whimsi-

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early, and may be followed by briskly-acting emetics and purgatives.

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points out the importance of attending to the relation of the

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While prostitution lives and scatters the seeds of distemper and death, and

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enjoyed ; the village of Palalda appears to be the spot decided

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sin, in disobedience of God's command. In other words, the Christian is led by the

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detriment to the public health appears to have followed, either in Southampton or

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The statement that a substance sublimes without decomposition is,

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graphy. In saying that these figures are somewhat coarse and

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temperance. By habits of intemperance they not only degrade and ruin themselves,

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she received a sahne cathartic the day before, and her total

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picture. They all had one thing in common, a fibrotic infiltra-

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its existence. The association of ideas is, besides, independent

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of death, in view of happiness above. Job, during all his afflictions, could praise God

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ascended the Niger, and remained for sixteen days. During that

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called, is not exclusively practiced by the ladies. Many of the male sex, particu-

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of Babinski, but the movement is a little more marked in the

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Ureteroentehostomy (u-re"ter-o-en-ter-os'to-me). The artificial

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after six months. Three months later he was readmitted to the

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began to suffer with headache. At that time the headaches were

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were no changes in the structure of the bone, which, however,

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both may occur simultaneously. There is no sharp line of

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:! Life, are generally more or less unhealthy ; and thus

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tient is seized with s i of the whole body; ho trembles violently

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glaucoma, and senile cataract, all pursue a course on which a

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To Dr. Root— Sir: For the benefit of the afflicted you are at liberty to make

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so should the consumptive invalid take his healing remedies with him in case of

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of round, shining granules and the splitting oflE of particles ; plas-

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