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pyrexia. On inquiry at the hospital on the l th in

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ble herself to abstain from antipjrine. The dose of the drug

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It is certainly known that irritation of the surface decidedly

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its character for us to go on repeating errors. There was

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That afternoon we met a patient I ll call Rita an HIV

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will be perceived was a subcutaneous one. Dr. Brainard

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were definitely umbilicated it was decided it was not variola. On

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making the average stay in hospital twenty six days. In cases of

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coffin. After he had been fired he went to Ohio University and later

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tions the aim of the author however was not to advocate the

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Sir I have seen it stated several times in the daily

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following traumatism and not due to a definite lesion

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With one exception all the patients had been married.

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tion well qualified him for the position he held in our

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ent time palpitation has become quite unfashionable. The