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The great practical point on which we are seeking a better knowledge

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pital Mr. Berkeley Hill On the occurrence of an additional

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commencement of the autopsy. This is probably the lesser

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the reasons he assigns are. that convulsions are not the only pheno

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the placenta being still attached to it. He used chloroform to facilitate the

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Dr Morell Mackenzie s chapter on treatment j considering its

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very much interfered with in this case the voice was also much

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drug cause haemorrhagic gastro enteritis tremorp weakness

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finger in his pharynx he has no spontaneous vomiting but when

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was consulted and twenty four were communicated to him. They occur

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rubber tubes and stop cocks with a pump at the one end

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and observe how nearly.they represent our present knowl

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served by its agency. Whichever view may be entertained one inference may

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at its lower part. Its surface was ragged irregularly ulcerated

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Since writing the above I have been informed by Dr J. M.

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identical anatomically and clinically with primary tuberculosis

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portance than he was aware of. On the th day of this

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mastoid muscle covering a tumour of the parotid gland clumps of nuclei

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authorities whether these metastases are due to cells transported by the

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from congestive disorders. From this it will be seen that cHpping

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Until lately no case of haemarthrosis had been reported in women but there

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bolic acid is in general to be advised. It is not an ideal

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Nor is this the only advantage gained by the change