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immediately, and the respiration soon became normal.
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II. Clinical Evidence concerning Etiology. — The pathological
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In incipient cases fever demands rest in bed, to prevent the
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panied by any gastric disturbance. The pain in the head was always in
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after pneumonia, pleurisy, one of the specific fevers, or surgical opera-
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range of usefulness of these tonic alteratives. Remember the
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living with her husband and is now satisfying him. He was ready to
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storing it to its normal position in the peritoneal cavity, would be universally
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ance invariably precedes and accompanies the early stages of
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The sleeping room should have a good location, with lots of sun-
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[the foolishness of his fears, but unable to conquer them, the will power
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have the opportunity to achieve a reputation by extended series of cases
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The next case was a fracture from a fall during a spree. On
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lescence can be definitely fixed — eighth day. The operation,
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this disease, arguing for the contagiousness of phthisis from the point of view
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very apt to cause relapses. For, just so soon as the specific power
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Dr. von Hacker reports {Wiener klin. Woch., October 31, 1889) a case
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sharp line of demarcation between it and the sound fibres, was found just
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when I found the knee very much swollen ; a wide diastasis of the frag-
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Considering the vast number of cases of neurasthenia that exist, and
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mixed with each evacuation. Sometimes mucoid material alone
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because such cases are so rare, but because they have been unrec-
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pulmonary alterations which he has observed in influenza. The first consists
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reduced activity when sound asleep, without food in the stomach,
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the surface of the bone, as large as a walnut, filled with soft granulations.
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in which there is neither anatomical nor functional disorder of these