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laid upon the local treatment, and its discontinuance is wisely
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of rheumatism and malaria about twenty years ago. There is no
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just as we would in the urethra when we drain by perineal
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successful case on which repeated attempts by other methods
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charge of a clear, viscid fluid. This fluid is so viscid that in some cases
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application of icebags to the chest, and by the restricted indulgence in liquids
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and rectum. The gut seems to be partially occluded by concentric adhesions,
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desired prescription, and the conclusion from the testimony
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ischio-rectal abscess, etc. The course is a short one, usually from two to
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tilted over somewhat. After the column of air was displaced in the drainage
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a week or ten days, the ear on that side "roared" and finally
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either the bacilli are not true influenza bacilli, or they are true
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wound, and the patient spoke some words distinctly — the first time since his
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"I think our first way of consoling a patient who is suffering from
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sectioned and the normal position of the sigmoid restored and main-
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as well as they ever have been, with one exception.
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ter, and pass upward along with the arteries, perforating the
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Chicago, 111. Eeprinted from the New York Medical Journal.
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besetting an enthusiastic insistence on a sexual basis for a functional
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At the end of five months from the onset of the disease this patient
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cumstances as the occasional occurrence of various exanthemata and o^
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weeks. Her blood culture was positive for staphylococci, which
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of intestinal anastomosis, I beg to point out that end-to-end
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The number of white corpuscles was estimated in twelve patients. The
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Disturbances in the digestive tract were not infrequent. Abdominal pain
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Experiment 8 (Magnin). — This was upon a doe rabbit, which had
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some other evident cause for the blood exists, as a superficial ulcer or
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return to the hospital in order that you may be examined to deter-
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impaired and who retain their sense of righteousness, justice,
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action in certain army camps, and other writers have placed the
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be commenced at once, while an assistant lowers the head and draws forward
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her and she had to be supported. In January, 1917, she began to experience
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Dr. Knight was married on February 6, 1902, to Miss Lisette
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We have seen its results in the operating room, where men who disliked
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nent in winter, in summer it was followed shortly afterwards by a marked
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A special feature, and one of great importance, is to be found at the
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the amount of urine retards elimination, and so leads to the accumulation of
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exist, nor are there any cases on record in which they have been present
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practice of medicine is able to accomplish. A fundamental principle