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consumption a distinction of practical importance is to be drawn between
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cially in scorbutic, tubercular, or otherwise broken-down subjects. In
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ing or other symptoms which show that the motor as well as the sensory
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upward and forward by the fingers inserted behind its angle.
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but is certainly only a symptom. In autopsies various lesions have been
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through the walls of the blood-vessels, the blood coloring matter precipi-
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ulus pubis. They vary in size, the Pediculus vestimentorum being from two
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only an apathy which in a series of cases grades through stupor, then
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in the system and about the heart may be so severe as to simulate organic
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canal, and hence may be looked upon as instances of saprseniia; in-
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closet is used, the bedpan after use should be allowed to stand for at
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Although anatomical changes in the adrenal glands are not infre-
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ing the important clinical characteristics of the disease.
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carbonic acid, and, by their influence on the " form and integrity of
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spinal cases the diagnosis must rest upon the slowness of development
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to the deposition of mercury in the tissues, whilst the iodide restores this
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resembling tubercles. These proved to be composed of fibrous or gran-
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doses of the Mqnid miitture, in the intervals, the free application of
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followed by fever, violent headache, giddiness, vomiting, and delirium
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majority of cases such a room is not available, and properly constructed
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existence of aphasia and brachial monoplegia. The pulse is frequently
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when there are an incompetent pylorus and a complete and prolonged
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ETIOLOGY. The occurrence of a peculiar form of acute catarrh at the
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the infection. It is not, however, specifically a syphilitic disease, and
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the base of the heart or to the apex, or be audible throughout the car-
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VARIETIES. The anatomical varieties of enteritis are the catarrhal,
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not supervened, the tumor frequently disappears spontaneously upon re-
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hysterical simulation of syringomyelia may be detected by noticing the
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hours. During the attack the urine has the characteristic dark red or
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Brown induration of the lung gives rise to no especial symptoms while
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pyaemia, the frequency of relapses, and the occasional occurrence of
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July 24 — Removed fragments of bone; syringed the wound thor-
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rolls himself from side to side, hammers violently with the hands, stamps
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sometimes paralyzed from pressure upon the recurrent laryngeal nerve.
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he was not entirely well. As soon as he was wounded at Gettysburg
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at the usual seat of the appendix within twenty-four hours strengthens
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effervescing draughts. In some cases of excessive vomiting a portion of
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ease elsewhere in the body. The mediastinal tumor ofbenest found is
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Its best treatment is in the use of opium up to continuous mild nar-