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an assistant. Forceps was then applied to the head and traction
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want of proper data we cannot determine the relative frequency of
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them. In this connection it is worth while recalling the case mentioned
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tion being usually on the parietal bone not extending be
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many things so engross his time that he will be obliged
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from the continued growth of the tumours. While it was
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Defective Physical Development. There was a total of cases of
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otitis. They are sunken and altered in curvature par
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is also insoluble in alcohol. If concentrated and dropped into
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The Muscular coat equalizes the pressure of the blood on
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There was pigmentation of the tissues of this portion of the
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found it impossible to peruse these cases without a strong
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a marked loss of endurance and an irregularity of his pulse. Exami
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published of all their meetings. Certificates shall be
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sence of the Society. Thus members can pay up their
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treated. By Benjamin Hutchinson Member of the Royal
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including but a part of those thus attending the meeting.
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commonly in ulcers of a tuberculous origin. Phosphorus poison
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In poliencephalitis superior the onset is sudden. The headache fulness
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