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others, suggests a connection of the disease with the intes-

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Haswell, N. Richard, M. R.n.s, reappointed Medical Officer of Health

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tube and the abscess cavity continuous with it. He considered

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cians and Surgeons, New Y'ork, hqs been introduced into the


ment of inflammation. He thought that concretions in the

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Lieutenant (Lord Houghton) and a distinguished company at


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be common sense or popular knowledge. Such causes of in-

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Guy's Hospital: F. W. Lee, Guy's Hospital; A. J. A, Lennaiie,

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h.Tve been in great request. Anyone desiring to obtain the services of

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our senses — taste and smell. A perfume of musk in the air is

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nutrition already exists, we can perceive a possibility that it

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formed about the thirteenth day. In the obliteration of the

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mata. M. Chabas gives many prescriptions in illustration of

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SOHGEON-LiEUTENANT F. A. Davson, JI.D., 2nd Devonshire Artillery

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Case vi.— R. L., aged 29, admitted January 16th, 1892, complaining of

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My opinion about chloroform administration is that the

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of the Committee. At that time he suggested that sooner

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That Dr. Urquhart and Dr. O. Grant be asked to collect evidence on the i

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many instances in which friends of his made him write their

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of the spines upon the hop bine is prehensile— that is, rendering the

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factorily explained. In the case to which I have alluded there was such

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the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Act. £15,000 was

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What is the last result of therapeutic science? What is

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Patient complains of great pain, but can open her mouth a

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who could not read or write. It was customary at one time

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dietetic errors or by other pathogenic factors. Attentions

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quently twitched several times that day. These tremors and

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Whatever localised peritonitis was present had not masked

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showed no marked excess in any of the large towns. The 96 deaths from

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clature of malignant epithelial growths, the authors adopt

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the nervous system, but still we can hardly attribute to them

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The treatment adopted was the prompt evacuation of the

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preparation thoroughly satisfactory for hypodermic use has

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duces, when taken in sufficient quantity, a light and refresh-

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African Mountain Stations, in which I say " that at Bloem-

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found collapse was due to the rupture of a tubal pregnancy.

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The direct or anterior pyramidal tracts (columns of Turck)

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Austria- Hungary, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg,

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Royal Infirmary. The patient was suffering from a malignant

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recognisances, in the sum of £100, to appear and hear judg-

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semen from passing into the vagina, compelling the subject

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specially to be recommended. 3. Because he alone pointed

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tion proposed, " That Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair :" —