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Petrox (Petrolatum Saponatum Spissum, N. F.), Castor Oil or Wool Fat

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11 — Rosewater Pharmacy, 5114 Woodland Ave. S. E.

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eral opinion now is that its use is indicated and that there is no danger

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a woman aged thirty-four, after several months of constant worry, nerve

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102 New York State Journal of Medicine/January 1978

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the cecum as large as a silver dollar was exposed and the

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extent, but in which some change, perhaps in the blood vessels, prevented

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mental suggestion — influencing the physician or patient or both

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fifty years of his medical career, commenting on incidents and

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Ihl^.t^'^: • "^^ '■"" *^y """"J • "We over the end of

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Concerning the Histological Changes in Certain Organs in

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He complained of no abdominal tenderness but, neverthe-

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correct abnormalities. He did not feel that forceps with a pelvic curve

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New York. Cloth, 196 pages with 19 figures, $2.00. The Practition-

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is to be taken over extended periods of time. Phar-

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Medical Socialogy in Civic Betterment: — The medical profession,

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to a fixation of development at one or more of the stages tli rough

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d2^ ',,. k" 1"™ """ "" "' "■' '°P °' ""« ™lk : fill i» ten tach«

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distinctly advance our knowledge of such pathological proc-

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Use in Pregnancy: Thiazides cross placental barrier and appear in cord

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doubted value in the education of the public in health matters.

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condition of the whole vascular system and great engorgement of

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sentially equivalent to partial asphyxia. This condition, as

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when, as a student, he roamed the capitals of Europe. Paris

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Avenue; W. E. Lower, 222 Osborn Building; J. B. McGee, 420 Rose

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57 Crile, G. W.—Shock, 1909, p. 268. Hemorrhage and Transfusion,

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would be tuberculous; furthermore, while the degree of resem-

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the hospitals should do nothing. In taking this stand, the hos-

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of children against preventable diseases, Dr. Sammons

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species of intestinal amebae, he described quite marked differ-

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Articles have appeared over the last several years con-

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bly enlarged in about 50 percent of cases, 7 but sig-

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Etiology. By Stewart E. Roberts, S. M., M. D., Associate Professor

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preparation. We give space to the following letter :

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mg per deciliter. He had continuing problems with re-

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time exhibits many of the numerous and diversified conditions en-

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chapters on respiration are probably too advanced in manner of treatment

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nothing she could do would bring relief. She would not, unac-

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made for supplying unfiltered water for manufacturing and fire fighting

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is hypertrophic cirrhosis, tumor or other diseased conditions of the liver,

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until the middle of 1912, and can therefore affect only the sum-