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ptoms were due to an organic chemical poison present in the
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Infant mortality in Loudon during 1892, measured I'y the proportion of
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cent, solution of pyrogallol, dissolved either in water, or
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it is impossible to understand the other functions of the body
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rheumatism, illustrated by clinical notes. The treatment was
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ciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics, but some statement of'
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types and ancestors were not forthcoming in normal life.
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guineous effusion and congestion of most of the abdominal
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his practice, whenever he went to perform a capital opera-
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vided with 110,000 metres of Vigne water; and the suburbs
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that puncture does effect a cure in a certain number of cases.
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emoluments, without being excessive, are sufficient to en-
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virulence of the same by means of intraperitoneal transmis-
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February 18th. The number of scarlet fever patients in the Metro-
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-the mass of nervous tissues in the brain and spinal cord, rank
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the discovery of a nMnu*^e quantity in the liver and kidneys is quite con-
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psorosperms. Wickham about the same time had observed
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for instance, the nuclei of the optic nerves are not placed in
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are included, together with, of course, the miasmatic conta-
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ment of the year there were under treatment iu the hospital H.s patients,
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The region extends along the north Mediterranean coast
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London; Dr. C. E. Shelly, Hertford; Dr. H. Snow, London; Mr. R.
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Had the rib penetrated the lung there would have been em-
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great comfort. Doubtless tlie fact of his southern origin had some influ-
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volume of selected German monographs, including one by
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believe that the symptoms in our patient can only be explained
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The respirations were never more than 44, and dropped in a
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aggregation of susceptible children at school in localities
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On the motion of Dr. Mapotheb, seconded by Dr. Wells,
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At the Cardiff Borougn Police Court, on March 1.3th, Charlns Graves, of
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and contraction of the valves, dilatation of the auriculo- ven-
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Sutton and Co.). The book has been enlarged and, in par-
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caused its outside mantle to be wrenched away from the
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But Gaskell and Shore's paper ocas not consist only of
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l^eieal Society during last session (April 5th, 1892), by Dr.
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in the way of subscriptions, donations, and interest
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