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depressed with little, if any, contraction, and is recognisable for years after the
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ness with which the patient can use a joint which is apparently seriously
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to distinguish them from similar eruptions which are not of syphilitic
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Anatomy and Surgery, by Joibph Robt, M.D., late Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Medical
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army from Naples, to which it had marched in a high slate of health
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Medical Monopolies Abroad, — Nothing strikes the American reader of
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Consumption. &— slow fever, I— lung fever, 6— Inflammation of the brain, 1— hooping eough,
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its manufacture. Mercury, therefore, must always be given in the earlier
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ner, to be given on the ensuing last Monday in May.
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also the irretrievable loss of numerous inestimable lessons of experience,
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a very clear case that the natural shape of a woman's body is not so
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long a time should not be spent in arresting venous bleeding, for this will
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be completely prolapsed, induced great inflammation. This was fal-
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N. H., relates, in the last No. of Silliraan's Journal, the case of a lady
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On Midwifery, and the Diseases of Women and Children, and on Chemftitry, by Da. CnAVKtmo.
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very much brought before the profession in tbe year 1801, previous to
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of softening the stiff, oversized threads, thus rendering them soft and pliable
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escape of the gases by which they were held in combination, and
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6. That the kinepock is a better protection against variotoid than
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without a strong pull upon the hand-rail, and always with pain. She ex-
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Treatment of InojperahU Tumours. — It is not often that a simple or benign
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when the lymph is used for vaccination. Further, lanoline tends to
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glass rollers revolving in contact. The pulp and glycerine and water are
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of the following day, erysipelatous inflammation showed itself in the
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bourhood. They also may extend up along the Eolandic area, diminishing
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1st. Is it possible that the 6rst attack was produced by calculi, which
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was first strongly advocated by Marcot and Morgagni in the eighteenth
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haziness of the cornea went off, very minute and darl(-rolored specks
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impute to the use of said seeds the relief of numbers afflicted with the
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the pain increased, nerve-stretching under chloroform was given, but without
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cat, he, or the gentleman who exhibited it, does not know ; but he can-
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" skin and bone " ; his bowels never acted normally — several pills and
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Inspectors of Sanitation and Vaccination and vaccinators.
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Most of the obiects of information on the Continent and in Great