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1872 Thoenton, "William Pugin, 35, St. G-eorge's Eoad,
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11. Frohnert P, Sheps SB: Long-term follow-up study of per-
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weather — -between vaccination seasons. It was also used to
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Administration of single dose of 10 mg. intramuscularly may result in hypoten-
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Tn the United States Government Hospital for the Insane. Garrison
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shooting pains in his thighs and legs, and soon afterwards in
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N.M., found peribronchial consolidation in 16 autopsies.
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wounds are closed, either by blood coagulated in the wound,
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irritable than that of the left side. To galvanism, the reactions
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tivity and specificity to aid in situations where the presence
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instances of prolonged survival without meaningful cerebral
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These experiments therefore show clearly, that the differences
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altered to fit the clinical situation and degree of anatomical disruption,
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2. de la Burde Brigette: Prevention of pica: The major cause of
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least 20 years — a period generally accepted as a sufficiently
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From the stomach downward it will be noted that congestion with
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add $4 for postage. Single copies, $1. Address communications to The Journal. MSNJ, P.O. Box 904, Trenton, N.J. 08605
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experienced much more difl&culty in walking than formerly.
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tion or in women of childbearing potential requires that possible benefits of the
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potassium administered (her serum K+ was 3.1 mEq) and
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to the many medical women who so kindly helped to obtain the
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graduates. In February, 1978, Governor Byrne signed into