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inches usually eight. In no case does the current exceed two

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Quinine reports very successful results from its use ten drops given

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downward in order to render it turgid. As the blood emerges

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of temper change in disposition and great mental depression have been de

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ber of conditions of life chiefly those associated with muscular exertion lead

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metritis. Reprint from the Wiener medicinische Presse .

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posterior surfaces which frequently existed together and were often

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the testicle at the time of the operation for unless it

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factor. Davaine in showed that it was the real cause of anthrax.

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readily attacking the mucous membrane of larynx bronchi or intestine

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heart having contracted the other parts must follow. This is

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you should be apprehensive of danger. I do not recollect

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means a unique experience to find an ovarian cyst developing in

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Scanzoni transitory deafness with general irritation of the vessels

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case of mine where any harm resulted from casting with the side lines.

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In seventy cities no bandage or dressing is used. In

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repeated at Ihorter intervals or a larger proportion

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Charles describes a pernicious form which though rare was very much

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great difBonlty as the boy took ehloro fo r m badly

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ralgia generally it is a most excellent remedy. It may

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your correspondent will take the trouble to look at HuttalVs

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inspection of herd with and without tuberculin test for tubercu