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The question now was to find what these fumes were. I
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cases the term " pneumo-erysipelas " may be appropriately applied. The
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A third fact he adds : The menstrual period in women often
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disease in question. The former great prevalence of typhoid fever in
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caused neither by heart nor kidney trouble. In the treatment
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summer. He thinks he "would have died if he had continued his former pro-
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is Doctor Routley, the new Secretary < Is it true that he was ]iart
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than half an hour nor more than an hour before one or more meals, in
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degree of iLD. assigned by our state or other well-established.
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their true form, but good Medoc wines may be found. Medoc
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■enabled to deliver it, the procedure is not infrequently prescribed in
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this work. Without any desire to depreciate their use or value, it may
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were shipwrecked within a week; and the last time with a
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of urine was diminished after lavage, when the latter was continued
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of the femur, the clavicle, the patella, and compound fractures
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vous system, improve tissue change and the blood-making function,
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should be pure and free from dust when milking is being
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nurse suffices to establish normal haematosis. This failing, however,
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old ancestral medium of sea-water, and adding to it the one remedy
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and the depressions (supra- and infraclavicular, intercostal, etc.) are
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deemed himself much out of health, and had taken for some
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It is evident that a reco gnition of the contractility with which the
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of this work and which must again be emphasized, because of the sin-
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we had left a week before. I returned the life-preserver Cap-
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complicated with or preceded by general bronchitis. The heart-power
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patient still lives. The next case had a dry cavity at one
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think it is clearest science, it is often tinged by some shadow that
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burning sensations during and after each evacuation of the bowel. The
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may be seen upon the skin in close proximity. Again, it should be noted
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be worn day and night; in most cases its use at night suffices.
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demonstrated the rare occurrence of dorsal edema as a sign of
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common ; and I have seen one case in which spongy, easily-bleeding
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or mouth-washes, or for applications to abrasions and skin
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tality 24.2 per cent. Cases admitted since introduction of hydrother-
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pain is the prominent symptom, I believe the hot-air treatment
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rule, too much moisture. This applies to all of our country
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valescence is suggested ; but this is deceptive, and is almost invariably
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cal experience. In infectious fevers, for instance, an abundant per-
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when the temperature reaches 103° is the stimulating affusion in cases
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Sports have always been successful at LSUMC, and under the
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made to register an increase of thirty to fifty pulse beats, and one to
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