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point in the surface of the object turned tow.ards the spectator must be

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tinal, and tracheo-bronchial glands. Granulations in the liver and

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distinction between the morphological and physiological types; and

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the horse was exercised daily. When he left hospital at the beginning

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which destroys life, whether there be congestion or no congestion, apo-

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on the right side, and was unable to rise without assistance. Respira-

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in which recovery occurs, we are sure, from the symptoms, that a tem-

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clause, he begged to say that there was a strong feeling on the part of

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surface is almost uniformly pale greyish, or the colour of a dead leaf;

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bacillary plane of the retina, is insufficient to collect divergent rays in

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tion on the shore of a tidal stream, and from the steep incline on each

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In delivering up his office to Mr. Underbill, Mr. Solomon remarked

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the then " Provincial Medical Association" assembled at Sheffield. It

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retained in the sinus. This may be prevented b}' fixing in the openings

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flammations may persist and become accentuated, may gradually

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got out of bed ; and, a week later, he was so torpid and silent that I

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sound, nor was the respiration in any wise impeded.

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on Thursday in last week. There was a good attendance of members

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e er t\ we must bring the tongue in contact with the anterior part of the p.alate, or

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During the last few years treatment has been enriched by two

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in favour of considering this question apart from the personal one, which led to

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That, in tlie opinion of this meeting, a stipend of £i<iO (inclusive)

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instances in which he presents to the reader incidents

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produced rather violent expulsive efforts, and were stopped.

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It must also be remembered that diabetic patients are particularly

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misshapen, and whose life is being exhausted by a monstrous growth,

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trophy of the sublumbar lymphatic glands. Bacteriological examina-

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boy of 8 and a girl of 7 years of age. All the patients recovered with

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Section F. Psychology. — President: Professor Laycock, M.D.

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On the 30th September the necrotic portions of the ligament had

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fibrous tissue with a very scanty formless interstitial substance. It is

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phantasmagoria an absolute novelty ; but the application of these to

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of morphia was injected subcutaneously in the arm, much pain being

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being larger than the right. Sensation was normal. Temperature

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129. A ten-year-old Danish bitch, brought for examination on the

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which had almost entirely destroyed the cortical layer. The prostate

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The annual meeting of the Association of Medical Officers of Health

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being cut out with advantage for the removal of carious bone.

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We have to say a few words to-day respecting the employment of its

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tion can hardly be overrated. Every amputation of a limb, or removal

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who by a spirited and heroic attack had utterly defeated

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880 lbs.), with thfe addition of sufficient iodide to dissolve it, iodine is

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Non audet, nisi qui didicit dare ; quod medicorum est,

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urgent than the pains in the back and left lower limb. Various reme-