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of temporary hyperidrosis ; and it has been said that organic lesions of

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and can then be recognised as being of two kinds — hyaline and granular.

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author the high compliment of repeating "with great ener-

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force, and the limb is therefore either feeble or motionless but in other

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generally be sufficient, however, to scrape the nail thin, and then, after

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not be regular. Then an odd number of swings is counted : +4.2,

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each other; 2nd, that in a large number of these there is a family

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tion. It appears to be connected with abdominal cancer, which, in all

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surface, and the bottle and its contents are weighed. Multiply the

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greatest efforts, too, should be made in the earlier part of the day. After

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or the vagina of the female, especially when due to syphilis, are un-

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had fits and other symptoms in earlier life, subsequently attain to perfect

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materials. By the most sagacious of the several clever gen-

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towns, and countries, and even nations. There are heredi-

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intense on the side first affected ; though this is by no means an invariable

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the image helped the patient through magic. It may be

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rapidity in different cases, is essentially chronic ; yet the infection of the

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the influence of consanguinity of parents may here be referred to, though

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mentary syphilide, which is a common early syphilitic manifestation

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stimulating parasiticides, generally applied with friction; and as one

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the percentage of persons tried in the various classes, groups, and

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give the characteristics of various filter papers in a user's

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over the nape of the neck and the ear. In these situations it takes the

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(2) Place slides in a large beaker of 95 percent ethyl alcohol.

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not complicated with eczema, is easily got rid of by thorough washing

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which directly indicate states of the body and the brain; by studying con-

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4. Alterations in the means of blood-supply to the skin : — (a) Pres-

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of an obsession : of agoraphobia the patient's imagination is usually free

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otter acute lung affection ; but there is no rise of temperature, no cyanosis-,

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the dawback to home treatment they may perhaps be removed.

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strong carbolic acid freely applied ; all growths appearing either on the

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constipation, independent of uterine disorder ; and the dependence of

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prevention and removal of ill balances of the body and inexactness in

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around the waist of a woman who wears stays. The same eruption will

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