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Definition. A specific malignant and contagious fever in

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in the blood a toxin which has the power of exciting in the

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organic changes in condition as this symptom was liable to follow

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on surgery the influence of his genius and lofty character.

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and the practice of medicine. He was noted for his tender

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certain cases quoted in his essay to have mistaken syphilitic and other

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a dose or twice the amount of Spirits of Camphor in a

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the fluorescent screen but the light thus emitted is the or

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the chapter We need more well educated Botanic physicians in this

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Section The doctor of medicine should safeguard the

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the rapidly acute course often with fatal ending are characteristic. The

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The mouth is bitter the tongue foul and the appetite absent.

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ment is true then Mallein is not a reliable diagnostic agent but

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sitive bulged portion. Left membrane has a posterior

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in which sepsis is suspected always proving to be merely

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I r is remarks the Registrar General worthy of note that no death

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rales in both lower backs. Abdomen lax and tympanitic no

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syphilis remained in fairly good health until the age of

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the basis of a uniform and standard guide in the preparation of all

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disease was only met with in four out of cases treated

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thought to be cruel expecting them to learn more than

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serves to prevent the filaria from boring its way through the blood

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disease. The appearance of several patients has however been much

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pational Health in its report to the Council on January

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cases of acute coryza is very marked. The writer has used

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all its forms whether of glandular enlargement or the formations of tubercles.

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its oontinued administration in connection with appropriate hygienic regulations has

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the long bones and the cartilaginous extremities of the ribs. The

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comparatively rare although the plasmodium carrying

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