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or of the larger branches of the vena portse, and in exhausting hemorrhage

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any part of the contents of the gut removed from the abdominal cavity.

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so-called oxaluria or oxalic acid diathesis, and is apt to

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hours after the aspiration, and that the cause of death under such circum-

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is equally as strong as it is in corresponding parts of the body.

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they should be left to themselves. Some of these cases are so mild that the

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In cloth gilt, prioe Ss., by poet Se. 4d. ; in extra doth gilt, gilt ed^es, price 6b.,

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A pericardial friction sound over the aorta has its maximum intensity

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Fracture of the tarsus is rare, except as a result of great direct vio-

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long coils of ovary and oviduct, the length of the generative tubes being

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be irregular or intermitting. Sometimes there is a loss of three or four

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long time, the bronchial mucous membrane not infrequently presents

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ing, but not in a single case that recovered wa* there bad pitting. In the treatment of sm:ill-pox, the pre-

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tended, becomes retracted ; sometimes the abdominal muscles are knotted

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develops after an injury has set up an inflammation. In the largest

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When small calculi are formed within the gall-hladder, they often cause

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the attack. To the old and feeble its occasional administration may be of

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gards life is good ; but the disease, having once occurred, is very apt to

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ordinary ulcer. If the gangrene has been at all extensive there will

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For two or three days previous to their development a certain restlessness

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alcohol, the habits of the individual should be corrected. If due to

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Cancer of the pleura and sub-pleural tissue is never primary, and is only

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IS followed by dull pain and weight in the right hypochondrium, the pain

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nutrition vary with the nature of the irritant, and the extent of the tissue

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dence of a tumor with slow accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity oc-

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How it acts is not well understood ; certainly not by relieving the bronchial

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of the larynx. The papillary growths which surround these ulcers are

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tion. It is the existence of these degenerative changes that gives rise to

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