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Antimony may be employed as an emetic in bronchitis
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There is vomiting in dogs. In fatal cases these symptoms
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tation, and the following treatment prescribed. Dover's powder,
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system and produce a more fluid state of the blood. Large
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paroxysm of i»ain. which he called ** cramps," during wliich his limb
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typhus arc dangerous fevers; and, although some physicians believe
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among the troops. — I delivered, to-day, to Drs. Humphreys and
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the parents consented, on the first of the present month, to have the
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It is observed only when the medicine is given in pill. This
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Anaesthetics are agents which abolish sensation generally
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productive of any good in the cases I Iiave treated. Certain it is
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is facilitated by the application of grease to the part. Cer-
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rhoea and certain forms of sterility ; and as yet I know of nothing
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Styptics, or Hcemostatics, are drugs which arrest hsemor-
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chills furnish a large proportion. Many of them are obstinate, and
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week, when the patient began to resume his ordinary diet. The
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