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and has healed, it is exceedingly rare for any further trouble to develop

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abfcefs, fo that it may be drelTed down to the bot-

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into the stomach. This regurgitation is probably due to the violent down-

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direction, there may be a sudden gush of pus which floods the bronchial

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followed by nervous symptoms, and frequently accompanied by erythematous

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drug should be given in solution. When the tongue is clean, freshly made

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certain conditions is very tenacious of life, can be carried by man either

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moderate in the matter of eating and drinking, and the bowels should be

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vides his noftrils, and is formed by the lower parts of

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not bear out the favourable reports from China. Haffkine has also

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The injection should be made by gravitation and slowly, at the rate of

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female, which we fuppofe to be the progenitors of the fpecies,

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ounce of theriac or orvietan, diffolvcd in the fame

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is often related to essential differences in structure, McCormick and I

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nised as a distinct disease. It was at that time erroneously thought to

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cells, varying in degree with the nature of each attack. The lymph thus

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cellent for large hospitals. For use on a small scale, as in the

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such cases, it need hardly be said that autogenous vaccines are to be recommended.

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the chest and excite a paroxysm of coughing. Under the guidance

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salicylate, and to substitute salicin for it. Sodium salicylate should not

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** diftilled or common vinegar as much as fhall per-

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The muscles. — Two forms of affection of muscles have been described.

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the horfe's feet move dill nearer to the ground than in

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degrees of this condition are met with, from a matting of the whole length

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Fiedler's statistics are founded on 112 cases which were aspirated by

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may be beautifully sewn up but you will get no credit for a movable

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tion the stomach hypertrophies, but the permanent result is one of dilat-

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es, 342 — 344. Difordersof the head and throat, 344. 345.-'-

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by no signs of active inflammation. As regards the mechanical causes of

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The relation of syphilis to other diseases, such as tubercle and

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Malouin, (iVl.) his experiments on glandered horfes, 131.

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and ikilled in the methods of curing the feveral dif-

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wrought the'original mischief cannot enter from the blood ; consequently,

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depends rather upon functional imperfection of the renal epithelia. It is

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presence of an acid in the blood. It is the opinion of many observers that

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