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man in civil life, and probably would have less property and
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patient than they inJfluence the course of the disease.
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1904 the writer cultivated them from a patient with con junctintis sent to the
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of diet must be added. Impure milk may be the cause and broths or beef
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the American Veterinary College, Nev? York ; etc., etc.
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with many additional facts and illustrations. About
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apparently due to infection from the milk, while 16 may have been due to
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known officer of one of the largest railroads in New England,
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coma. "A man whose teeth, lips, and nails are blue, whose consciousness
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symptoms, which may be quite serious. We should not
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a number of cases, some of which may have been due to minute emboli, but
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serums — notably anti-diphtheritic serum in man — because
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They often contain one or more small but distinct vacuoles. They vary in
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ary lesions are usually in the joints or subcutaneous tissues. The disease
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for that large class of cases of so-called physiological or func-
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duction not usual with protozoa. He also concluded that the "vaccine body
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by the pneumococcus varies greatly in potency, and it is conceivable that in
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very marked. With this there is a great increase in both the bactericidal
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hardly find hours enough in a day to complete our allotted
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over the sides and simulate the pain of pleurisy. Pain and stiffness in the
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The muscles of accommodation of the eye are frequently paralyzed. Strabis-
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often happens, among people living in the lowlands along
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named diseases is developed in some one or more of the
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of the ventricle. In the cord itself these changes in the neuroglia are not
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Pick has called attention to the fact that in some cases the acidity of the
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smallpox is of comparatively recent date. It seems hardly possible that
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differentiate the grave from the milder forms is by the dis-
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a orayish-white appearance, a little different from that of the membrane in
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ment; Assistant Visiting Physician to the Philadelphia General Hospital;